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Inspections can be service reports, customer requests or non-customer requests (normally visual inspections prior to a boat purchase).

Types of inspections
There are three types of inspections that we provide to our customers:
- Cleaning Inspection
- Quality Control Inspection
- Visual inspection

Cleaning Inspection
Cleaning Inspections are performed by our divers after each cleaning; Basically the Cleaning Inspection summarizes the information about the boat (bottom paint or fiberglass condition, areas lacking in paint coverage, paint blisters, fiberglass blisters, corrosion, anode evaluation and replacement, and observations if applicable). The Cleaning Inspection report is a pre established form that makes the diver walk through the main key points of the cleaning process. This information is stored into our computer system where it stays as a historical reference for our company/customer and a hard copy or email is delivered to the customer for their own records.

Quality Control Inspection
Quality Control Inspections are performed by our quality control manager to ensure the accuracy of information in comparison with the one provided by the diver. It is not uncommon to observe differences between divers reporting on the same boat. The Quality Control Inspection covers this issue resulting in a more reliable report. The evaluation of the diver cleaning performance is also reflected in the Quality Control Inspection report to reinforce cleaning level standards and the customer's satisfaction. Quality Control Inspection reports are also stored into our computer system for future references and a hard copy or email will be delivered when requested.

Visual Inspection
Visual Inspections are also performed by our quality control manager in response to a customer or non-customer request. These requests are normally concerns like: damage assessment, corrosion issues, overheating issues or simply our opinion about some specific issue. Visual Inspections are also requested prior to a boat purchase to better support the final decision. These kinds of requests are supported by underwater pictures and both (report and picture/s) will be sent by mail or email.

Inspections are part of our service and free of charge to Scuba Duba® Corporation customers. Please request a free inspection quote if you are not a customer or contact us if there are any questions.

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