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Underwater Search and Recovery

Underwater Search and Recovery is the process of locating and recovering underwater objects by divers. The classic example of this would be an item lost overboard from a boat, which needs to be recovered. This normally occurs at the dock or mooring.

What we can recover?
Cell phones, video cameras, photo cameras, keys, prescription glasses, winch handles, deck brushes, fishing rods, etc. are the most common objects that customers call about. Underwater search and recovery of these objects doesn't normally require special equipment or techniques. In these simple search operations, the patterns will usually be conducted by the diver simply looking visually for the object.

This kind of underwater retrieval is FREE for our regular customers, just call us and we will try hard to retrieve it.

More sophisticated search operations like outboards or gangplanks retrieval involves the usage of specific equipment like working in conjunction with cranes and their operators to retrieve larger objects. Searching techniques like "the circular search" (the diver swimming around a fixed pivot point) is the most common technique used for our divers.

We do not perform underwater search and recovery in open water. Our work area is limited. (Harbors, marinas, private docks, port of LA and Long Beach). For information about the areas we serve, please click here.

Small objects are easy to find when just dropped; please call us as soon as possible to insure a higher chance of success.

If your lost item is not listed, please don't hesitate to call us.

Locations: Los Angeles Harbor (San Pedro, Wilmington, Long Beach-Shoreline, Alamitos Bay), Huntington Harbor, Newport Beach and Dana Point. more...

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