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Bob Senske Bob Senske, 30' Tiara,
Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, Ca

I was recently approached by a boating acquaintance whom moved here from Florida. He was inquiring about haul and launch facilities in our area but, was most interested in underwater hull cleaning companies as he has had bad experiences with the service. I explained that I have owned sail and power boats since 1964 here in Long Beach and I am familiar with all the local hull cleaning establishments. I told him to call Scuba Duba and ask for Hernando Esparza or Chris Wigham and that he would be overwhelmed with courteous, knowledgeable professionals. I even offered to reimburse him if his 1st experience with Scuba Duba was anything less than exemplary. Not only the office staff but the divers themselves are diligent, competent and friendly. The follow-up quality control process is most satisfying. At any time Scuba Duba will change appointment dates to satisfy the boat owner. The customer is "Captain" at this place...

Doug Ward Doug Ward, 45' Columbia,
Shoreline Marina, Long Beach, Ca

Scuba Duba is a well run business and I want to thank them for your follow ups and communication.

Brian Kidd Bryan Kidd, 41' Formosa,
Alamitos Bay Marina, Long Beach, Ca

I have been with Scuba Duba for many years. After going through several other hull cleaning companies over the years (with substantial damage done) I found Scuba Duba. Needless to say I have been with them ever since. The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. I have since moved out of state, but I know my boat is being well taken care of. I like the fact that they have a quality control inspector, do a dive on the boat after it is cleaned to make sure everything was done right. I also appreciate that along with the bill they give an inspection report that shows how much paint coverage is left and where and what maintenance was done on the boat. I have been very happy with their service and would recommend them highly.

Stephen Auerbach Stephen Auerbach, 25' Catalina,
Balboa Yacht Basin, Newport Beach Ca

Hernando, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your boat cleaning service over the last 4 years. I recall when I was looking to buy my first boat and Scuba Duba was able to do a visual on the bottom of a boat I was interested in and noticed some irregular damage. As a result I ended up with my current boat, a 2003 Catalina c250. Over the years your service has been very professional, prompt and always available for my questions. Recently I got my bottom painted with a special non toxic paint which required special cleaning and care. Scuba Duba was very helpful and was able to meet the needs of the special paint manufacturer. Thanks for always being there and giving great service.

Walter Angulo Walter Angulo, 36' Sea Ray,
Sunset Aquatic, Huntington Harbor, Ca

This note is to say thank you for your honesty and your professional services. In this day and age, most people would have remained quiet for a quick buck, but not you. I therefore, have the highest respect for your company and I will remain a loyal customer.

Jake Rogers Jake Rogers, 30' Proline,
Sunset Aquatic, Huntington Harbor, Ca

Thank you for your outstanding service over the course of the last year. After using two other dive services with less than satisfactory results I have been very pleased since enlisting your services to arrive to the boat to find a clean bottom each and every time, despite bottom paint at the end of its lifespan. I would highly recommend your service to anyone looking to improve on their current experience.

Greg Grochowski Greg Grochowski, 46' Riviera,
Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach, Ca

Thank you, your company has an integrity that is very rare these days. I can tell you that you will have my loyalty for as long as I own a boat.

Gordon Stewart Gordon Stewart, 27' Sea Ray,
Huntington Harbor, Ca

Thank you very much for the incredible customer service you and Scuba Duba have already provided me with. I really appreciate all extra effort you have provided by getting the boat not only cleaned, but also inspected and taken care of, (protected) with the Zincs. I am looking forward to doing business with you, and will most definitely recommend Scuba Duba to my neighbors in the harbor as well as my listeners on my weekly action/motorsports radio program out of Angels Stadium.

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