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Boat Lift Cleaning

What a simple way to keep your boat neat and out of trouble: no growth, no electrolysis, no problems. But somebody has to keep those pontoon intakes clean and clear for the mechanism to work properly, monitoring the anode condition, and inspect for electrolysis. Definitely a boat lift cleaning routine is highly recommended.

It is true that boat lifts are a great solution for better boat preservation, especially for those who prefer unpainted hulls (for better performance) but it's incorrect to think that boat lift cleaning is not necessary. There are three main points related to boat lift maintenance and these are:

Pontoon intakes cleaning:
These hollow pontoons provide an excellent habitat for marine growth, especially mussels. It is not uncommon to find large colonies living inside of pontoons, restricting water/air flow which is vital for the function of the boat lift. This is the main reason to have a boat lift cleaning service.

Structure or frame cleaning:
Boat lift structures are also very tempting for marine growth, especially for mussels, barnacles, and oysters. Mussels can totally cover the bare metal frame in just a few months, restricting visual anode and electrolysis monitoring. Keeping the boat lift frame clean also helps the mechanism work properly.

Anode and electrolysis monitoring:
Keeping a close eye on anode condition and electrolysis is a very good way to prevent the metal frame of the boat lift from corrosion. At Scuba Duba Corp. be believe that choosing the recommended boat lift cleaning schedule will keep your boat lift healthy.

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