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Quality Control

We are committed to a high standard of Hull Cleaning Quality and Customer Service and our Quality Control manager acts as our eyes. He is the one who insures that each job meets our expectations. So if you ever have a problem, question or if you need our opinion about anything underwater; just give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you with your needs. If it's necessary or requested we will take pictures to show a specific problem or just to communicate better, and again at no extra cost; it's part of the service.

What does Quality Control mean?
scuba-duba-corp-quality-control-boat After the very first time we clean your boat we send the Quality Control manager to ensure that the cleaning was properly done and anodes were listed, measured, and reported right. If the cleaning wasn't performed as expected, our Quality Control manager will send the diver back to fix the problem.

Cleaning checking points include:
Waterline, hull, rudders, keel, trim tabs, thru hulls, intakes, thrusters, knot meters, transducers, struts, shafts, and propellers.

The Quality Control manager will look for problems, damage, electrolysis activity, rust, bottom paint condition, paint blisters, fiberglass blisters and will generate a report which we will send a copy for your records.

scuba-duba-corp-quality-control-tag How often my boat will be Quality Controlled?
The Quality Control Program is based on a random system, equally designed to check on each customer's boat four to six times per year in every location we work, or as requested. Through the years our data base system collects detailed information creating a complete history of the changes for that specific boat.

Our Quality Control section can also fulfill requests for personalized service such as labor that requires diver assistance in conjunction with the performed labor; for example: propeller alignment.

Locations: Los Angeles Harbor (San Pedro, Wilmington, Long Beach-Shoreline, Alamitos Bay), Huntington Harbor, Newport Beach and Dana Point. more...

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